About Senior Living Source

The Inspiration Behind SeniorLivingSource.com

Senior Living Source began in 2006 as a marketing publication for Turnaround Solutions for Senior Housing. It was a small newspaper that shared relevant information for seniors in a new and exciting format. For years, however, the resource sat neglected, always on the edge of our minds as a tool we hoped to resurrect.

Then, in 2019, we learned about a new statistic that shook us to our core.

On average, the market penetration rate for senior living is 10% for age and income-qualified seniors.

DHG Healthcare has a tremendous report detailing this statistic. But why is that number relevant? Put simply: seniors are not looking into resources that could be helpful in their lives – even ones that are affordable to age in place better!

To put the statistic in context: if the market penetration for senior living increased by just one percent, every senior community in the country would be full with a waiting list.

That left us at a loss. Our experience counseling seniors has been that many simply consider a decline in their quality of life as a part of the status quo. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are just too many resources out there for any senior’s quality of life to senselessly decline. And that was the key. The whole situation just doesn’t make sense to us. We think that seniors who are suffering from a decline in their quality of life should not be satisfied with trying to maintaining the status quo.

So, we agreed that the responsibility is in our hands to try and make it better. We have to be the ones to be the change we want to see in the world (thanks, Ghandi!). We believe that change begins with sharing our knowledge and resources to help seniors live full and meaningful lives. If just one senior finds something that improves their quality of life, then it is a worthy endeavor.

Why Senior Living Source

At Arrow Senior Living, one of our core values is “Transparency Builds Trust.” Senior Living Source is one of our efforts to live up to that value. We want to provide a source of information, plain and simple – something that seniors can draw upon to improve their quality of life wherever possible.

So who is Senior Living Source?

SeniorLivingSource.com is a resource for seniors created and managed by Arrow Senior Living Management in Saint Charles, Missouri.

From the senior living counselors at Arrow communities who work directly with seniors every day to advise them on a multitude of steps and resources for their lives to the nurses, administrators, accounting specialists, and culinary experts, we know that Arrow Senior Living has a wealth of knowledge that we would like to share with the world. Our hope is that Senior Living Source can become a resource that speaks directly to improving the lives of seniors regardless of whether anyone who visits Senior Living Source ever moves into an Arrow community.

Arrow Senior Living is an owner and operator of senior living communities across the continental United States. For more information on Arrow, visit ArrowSeniorLiving.com

How do Senior Living Source and Arrow work together?

Every business does its share of marketing, and Arrow communities are no different. But if Senior Living Source and Arrow are two separate things, how do we benefit?

At Arrow, we have always felt that sales and marketing are about doing what is best for the senior, regardless of whether they ever make a move. Senior living counselors at Arrow communities often recommend alternatives such as home health care and creative solutions like Uber or housekeeping services to assist seniors – sometimes even going so far as to recommend other senior communities that may better serve a senior’s unique needs.

Simply put, Arrow communities are using Senior Living Source in the same way you are – getting important information into the hands of seniors that we feel could improve their quality of life. As part of our marketing efforts, we are creating educational events at Arrow communities where we will be able to use SLS articles as a resource. We are looking forward to sharing Senior Living Source articles on our community pages and on social media to spread information as far and wide as we can!

Welcome to Senior Living Source!

So here we are at the beginning of a neverending journey of growth and development. We have assembled a team of experts at Arrow in healthcare, finance, senior living, wellness, tips, and more to bring you regular articles on all things relevant to seniors. If you have ideas for topics or specific questions related to seniors, please reach out to us via our contact form. If you have suggestions for the website, please message us.

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